Abandoned by the manufacturers of ordinary canes, the canes a system were at the beautiful time the symbol of the elegance and refinement of the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy.

Creator of L'ARISTOCANNE brand, Jean-Pierre BARILLET cutler artisan was the first to resume in 1978 the manufacture of his rods of exception.

Quickly followed by others, he helped bring up to date these iconic canes known collectors but fell into oblivion of the general public.

The success was immediate and the ARISTOCANNE was quickly known by the diversity of its knobs in silver-plated brass carved in the round, and by the excellence of the manufacture of its canes rifle, sword cane, rods stiletto, companion rods, Masonic canes, canes of seed, pipe, lamp, flute, watch, long sight, toise, blowpipe, etc.

For the pleasure of sharing a real passion, L'ARISTOCANNE offers in addition to its range of PRESTIGE walking sticks, many new and original Cannes assembled using natural materials at prices respecting the market and collectors .
Whether you are a beginner or experienced amateur, we will be very happy to share tips with you about enriching your collection.

In view of the forthcoming opening of the collection cane and folk art museum, we are actively looking for new pieces.
We thank you in advance for kindly sending us your exchange or sales offers
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